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Our Process


Sales team receives an inquiry from customer

Sales team

Sales team sends the inquiry to detailing team then detailing team provides images and other insights of the product to sourcing team

Sourcing team

Sourcing team finds the product and get the quotation then sends all the quotations to detailing team to check if the quotation meets customer’s requirement

Legal team

Detailing team send the correct quotation to the legal team to check the due diligence of the supplier to check if the supplier was involved in any legal cases, our legal team assures the trustability of the supplier

Sales contract

If the supplier is legit, then our legal team drafts a sales contract with the supplier to ensure quality, quantity, guarantee of payment, delivery time, once the documentation is finished

Accounts team

Legal team contacts seller for advance payment involved accounts team informs the the booking team to ask supplier to start the production once accounts team receives the advance payment

Booking Team

Booking team books everything & asks :

  • Shipping team to book container.
  • Inspection team for pre loading inspection of the goods.
  • Loading team to control loading.

Website manager

As per production lead time once we load the cargo all the information and documents will be sent to website manager

Tracking link

A tracking link will be generated and sent to customer to track shipment and avail all the information with documents


Tracking team will track the cargo until it reaches the destination